CPS Lives Identity - Stories

Challenge: CPS Lives is a non profit organization that connects Chicago artists with the public schools in an effort to create stories, inspire students as well as the artists and change public perceptions of Chicago public schools. Their current identity was a logo gifted to them without a complete brand system and lots of inconsistencies. The challenge was to create a new logo, an identity system and a website. I worked on a small team of Columbia students to make this a reality. This is one of the four potential directions we came up with - this one was not chosen.
Solution & Rationale: I wanted this direction to relate directly to the words playful and sophisticated, chosen by the founder of the organization. The whole idea is to focus on stories and show interactions with students and artists, artists and schools, schools and communities, letters and shapes. The logo now spells out CPS to aid with recognition and to differentiate from the actual CPS organization. As well as to create a sentence with a period since the name was often misunderstood or mispronounced. The red is meant to be unexpected and stand out. The letters and connecting lines or strings are meant to feel playful and to evoke the idea of learning, putting things together, creating and and to represent the ties of an ever shifting group of schools and artists.
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